Cast Your Cares!

Casting all your cares upon him; for he cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7

Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and he will sustain thee. He will bear both thee and thy burden. Psalms 55:22

There are many negative stories in newspapers, on television, and on the internet about the state of the United States economy. While we should pay attention to what’s happening around us, refrain from getting caught up in doom-and-gloom, leading to anxiety (worry) and bad (impulsive) decision making. We must avoid overreacting or becoming passive by remaining staying focused on the One who cares for us.

Whatever things concern a follower of God, whether they are spiritual or temporal, great or small, God concerns Himself with them. Whatever affects us is cared for by Him; in all our afflictions He suffered affliction for them once and for all. We have to know that God cares for us and has completely (perfectly) taken care of all our concerns. 

Prayer: Father, thank You for being the God of MORE THAN ENOUGH! I cast all concerns about the economy and all my finances on You for You care for me and all things concerning me. Thank You for accepting me into Your Kingdom, where I have MORE THAN ENOUGH! We love You, We trust You, We thank You. We speak and we pray in the name of Your Son, Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus Christ the Righteous). Amen.

Confession: There is no lack in the Kingdom of God. Therefore, there is no lack in me. I am blessed of the Lord. I am fruitful, multiplied, replenished, subdued and I have dominion in the earth. I have plenty more to put in store and I am blessed to be a blessing.

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