Remember to Honor God

Honor the Lord with your wealth and the firstfruits from all your crops. Then your barns will be full, and your wine barrels will overflow with new wine. (Proverbs 3:9, 10 NCV)

But now the Lord says,…”I will honor those who honor me, but I will dishonor those who ignore Me. (1 Samuel 2:30 NCV)

As the vacation season comes to a close, please allow me to send this timely reminder. The tithe and the offering are HOLY unto God. We should never leave for vacation taking God’s holy seed and convincing ourselves that it’s OK to make our contributions upon return. That violates the Law of FIRST fruits.

Let’s honor God in all that we do. Let’s make our contributions before we start vacation. I am fully aware that there are times when complying with this Biblical requirement is impossible, but when practical, we should do it.

I call you BLESSED!

Walking in the same BLESSING as Abraham,

International Presiding Bishop & Founder, Seed of Abraham Christian Center International (SACCI), Inc.

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