Jesus is Yehovah Yireh (Jehovah Jireh)

And Abraham called the name of the place, Yehovah Yireh [Jehovah Jireh]; as it is said to this day, “In the Mount of the Lord it shall be provided.” – Genesis 22:14

Abraham, the “Father of Faith”, proved to be a friend of God and live by Faith because of his trust in/on God. God revealed Himself to Abraham as Yahweh/Yehovah (Jehovah), meaning existing One, Lord, in Genesis 12. In Genesis 22, Abraham’s reliance on God was tested. He was instructed to sacrifice his son, Isaac. Many people are familiar with this story, but we want to point out a few major details which lead up to Abraham calling the Name of this place Yehovah Yireh (Jehovah Jireh).

God told Abraham he would have a son from his own bowels in Genesis 15. Wanting to bring about the blessing with a promise of multiple defendants, Abraham had Ishmael with his wife’s handmaiden Hagar. Later, in Genesis 17, God informs Abraham he will have Isaac with his wife Sarah. God tells Abraham He will establish His covenant with Isaac; therefore, Isaac is the only legitimate son Abraham has to establish the covenant, not Ishmael. In Genesis 22, Abraham is instructed to sacrifice his legitimate son.

When Abraham receives the assignment he does not hesitate nor does he share the details of the assignment with anyone. Abraham did not lie, he operated by Faith. When giving instructions to his servants who went on the journey with him, Abraham said, “Stay here with the donkey, and I and the lad will go over there; and we will worship and return to you.” This is a Faith statement. Abraham is trusting God enough to know Isaac is the legitimate son God promised; if God wants Abraham to kill him there must be a way the promise is still going to be fulfilled.

Abraham gives another statement of Faith, when Isaac makes the observation of have all the necessary requirements for a burnt offering except the actual sacrifice. Abraham says the Isaac, “God will provide for Himself the lamb for the burnt offering, my son.” While Abraham is in the process of getting ready to sacrifice his only legitimate son, the one with whom God will establish His covenant,  God tells him to stop and provides.

Abraham calls this place, Mount Moriah, Yehovah Yireh [Jehovah Jireh]. Yehovah/Jehovah, means The Lord. Jireh is a Hebrew word which comes from the root word ra’ah, meaning to see, look at, inspect, perceive, consider. When Abraham calls Mount Moriah Yehovah Yireh and says, “In the Mount of the Lord it shall be provided”, he is saying The Lord Sees to Happening what He says will happen when we obey. In some modern transliterations this is written, “The-Lord-Will-Provide”. Know that Jesus will see to making happen, provide, what He says when we obey. We love you in the name of Yeshua Ha’Mashiach (Jesus the Christ Messiah Anointed One).

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