10 Things Every Believer Must Know

1. God loves you! There is nothing you can ever do to change that.

2. Jesus is Savior. You make Him Lord. The Word (Jesus) must be your government.

3. Holy Spirit is your friend. He will lead you and guide you always. You want a confidant, Comfort, peace, joy and all more. Look on the inside of you.

4. You are worthy. Jesus said so and that settles it. Now walk in it!

5. Forgive yourself and forgive others. Forgiveness will keep insecurities and wickedness from take a permanent residence in your heart.

6. Be joyful. Everyday was made in the beauty of God’s holiness. Rejoice and forever be glad. Nothing can ever going to take your joy. You have to willingly give it up.

7 Surround yourself with those of like precious faith. You want to be #unpluckable. Stick around those who are steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord.

8. Do things that matter. Make sure you live on purpose. God has assigned something Devine and unique just for you. Do it today.

9. Be transformed. Renew your mind to think and be more like God. He is always speaking to you and the more you know Him the more you will receive and be able to share.

10. Rest. Rest is always available. You can enter into God’s rest because you are a finished masterpiece. It may not look like it today but we walk by faith and not by sight and the just shall live by faith.

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