The Walk of a Believer is not Lonely

One thing I have learned in ministry is people say they do not have a lot of friends. This is not because they can’t have friends but because people rather admire or envy than have the reciprocating responsibility of being a friend.  

Key point: Be real and be a friend. You need your the body of Christ and the body of Christ needs you.

(This post is not sad. This is a teaching point for me and hopefully others). There is absolutely no lack in our lives. 

Jesus called the disciples friends and we are brethren. Jesus is the first born of many. 

This walk following Christ did not bring loneliness. This life gave us all a whole new family. There are periods of separation from people and activities and things. That time is designated for fellowship with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and is far from lonely.
Living Life According to Jesus Christ!

Joi Hayward 

2 thoughts on “The Walk of a Believer is not Lonely

  1. Rhonda M. Branham says:

    During Women’s Ministry Fellowship tonight at my church, I made mention of the feeling of Family and Unity within my Circle of Influence, and within the Body of Christ as a whole! There are often times when I feel closer to my Spiritual family as opposed to those who I share DNA with. Our Spirits connect, Our Fruit aligns, and we connect through Jesus as our Lord and Savior! I don’t always get that within my biological family. How should that be handled? Should it even be handled? My position is actually to tell them (my blood relatives) of Jesus, and to continue to allow the Christ IN me to be an example. (Matthew 5: 15-16) I guess I have answered my own question. What are your thoughts?

    1. Joi Hayward says:

      Greetings Rhonda,

      I believe you have answered your own questions. Thank you for contributing.

      Joi Hayward

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