The Friend Test

“As iron sharpens iron, So a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.”??Proverbs? ?27:17? ?NKJV??

In this passage of scripture a friend is described as “iron” and the corresponding action of a friend is described as “sharpening.” Webster’s definition of sharpen is to hone, strop, or improve and make better. The way iron is improved doesn’t appear to feel good at all. Iron is refined with extreme heat and shaped by extreme pressure.

You need to know who is good for you even if being around them does not always feel good. Meeting nice people is nice. Talking to and getting to know nice people is nice too. Meeting fun people can be fun. Hanging out and getting to know fun people is fun also.

However, along with nice and fun people, you need people in your life who will tell you the truth, correct adverse behaviors, and speak Wisdom (God’s Word) into your life. This person may not seem nice or fun at all, but this person will be honest and if you get to know them and hang out with them, they will improve the quality of your life.

My friend, I am here to encourage you today to find a friend who will hold you to the fire and put pressure on you to be the best you. Once you identify that friend, do not be quickly angered or upset by truth, correction, and Wisdom shared with you. This kind of friend is priceless and your life will be refined; made better and improved.

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