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work in my marriage
Submitted By:Anonymous
Prayer Request:Please pray that God reveal my needs to my husband in a way that he can hear God and receive it. I have spoken to my husband and voiced my need that is not being met, but he responds with a reason or an excuse. He will say "I'm working on it." So, please pray for my patience. However, the "working on it" has been 7 years with little progress. Thank God for the little. Join with me as I ask God for strength to endure the lack. But I would appreciate Spirit-filled people praying with me for God's Will to be manifested and fulfilled in our marriage. I believe God intends for a wife's needs to be met as much as the husband's needs. Am I right? Or is the marriage just for the husband to be ministered to? I really hope not. Pray that my marriage becomes all that God intended it to be when He placed us together. Let it fulfill God's purpose in both of us. I wanted wedded bliss to be mine. After all, I'm 18 years deep in this thing lol....God knows.....Thank you in advance